New User Feedback

Oct 23, 2011 at 2:51 AM

I really appreciate your work as it seems to be the best choice for a (contact us) form builder that is simple enough for a site admin to manage without having programming knowledge and which submits to the database and also emails. My experience is with 6 or so module options including xMod, H2O, FnL, SubForm, etc....

A small learning curve item though. I've discovered that the first several forms (contact us) were simple to create, but failed miserably to submit - and the event log showed it was for a few reasons. They all turned out to be side-effects of needing to submit the form FIRST TO THE DATABASE, and then change the settings to SUBMIT AND EMAIL. Once the form was submitted to the database without sending by email, I could reset the form to email as well and everything worked as first expected.

I tried this same theory out on three other DNN 6.02 installations and found the same requirement. They were all on the same server, so I can't rule out a server issue, but I did find the fix for all our installs.

Thanks again for your work on this module.