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helferlein Form is based on ODS Form by Bjarte Djuvik Naess from Norway. After changing some smaller things for use in the intranet of the company I work for, I decided to improve the whole thing a bit and completely re-wrote the module in C#.

01.00.00 (rel. 2007-05-27)

Changes to ODS Form
  • Programming Language: C#New
  • New Form Item type: EMailAddress - This is similar to the textbox, but it validates the input to be a valid-looking e-mail address, even if it is not required.
  • Checkboxes and Multiple Selects can be required - To provide validation to the Checkbox and Multiple Select controls, I used the skmValidators library developed by Scott Mitchell from, not without asking him if I may. He said yes. Thanks a lot, Scott, and Happy Programming!
  • New Settings:
    • Show Approved submissions (above/below/not at all) - Approved submissions may be displayed on the module for a number of days. You may choose whether they will be displayed above or below the form. Approval can be done automatically or manually.
    • Keep for (days)
    • Approval mode (Auto or manual)
    • Improved Security: To avoid spam, it is possible to include a captcha.
    • Show validation summary (on the page or as messagebox)
  • New Interfaces
    • IPortable: Forms, Submissions and Settings are exportable and re-importable for backup and transfer purposes.
    • ISearchable: Data that is shown on the form is searchable (data that is approved and within the days range).
  • Form: Display approved submission above or below the form
  • Database: Submissions are stored as an XML data type (requires SQL Server 2005)

01.00.01 (rel. 2007-06-15)

New features
  • New setting: E-mail format - Check this to submit e-mails in HTML format. Otherwise, mails will be submitted in plain text.
  • New Interface: IUpgradable
  • E-Mail submissions: Host setting "HostEmail" is used as sender address instead of first Email address in the form (or - if none - the recipient).
  • New Buttons Move top and Move bottom when editing form items.

Fixed some bugs
  • Import/Export now uses a binary date (64-bit int) to avoid problems when exporting and importing in different locale settings.
  • Changed the XML string for empty elements in the FormSubmission from <Element></Element> to <Element />. The module should be useable now with SQL Server 2000. I provided a new 01.00.00.SqlDataProviderFile for SQL Server 2000.
  • To avoid cryptic mails, the standard mail format is now Text. HTML mails may be sent by checking the approbriate option in the Form Settings. This seems to be an issue when using an SMTP server different than the IIS SMTP service on Windows XP/2003 or Microsoft Exchange (e.g. IMail or IIS SMTP service on W2K).
  • Form items are set to default values after submitting the form and clicking the Back button when no redirection page ist set.
  • Captcha error message does not appear anymore after submitting the form and clicking the Back button when no redirection page ist set.

01.01.00 (rel. 2007-08-07)

New features
  • One of the single line textboxes or e-mail address fields can be displayed in the dropdown list under "Edit submissions"
  • Submission status is displayed in the same dropdown list:
    • [A]...Approved
    • [X]...Not Approved
    • [O]...Outdated
  • Submission date of outdated submissions are displayed in red.
  • One of the radiobutton or dropdownlist field may be used to group the displayed submissions
  • The submission dates can now be displayed in the displayed submissions.

01.02.00 (rel. 2007-08-16)

Changes in the database
  • Fixed an error with a unique index on a calculated field
  • Cleaned up some records that were left from deleted modules
  • Added two Foreign Keys to delete entries in the FormItem and FormSubmission tables when deleting a module

01.03.00 (rel. 2007-11-25)

New Features
  • Added an explanation for the "Required" marker to the form
  • Changed the user interface in the Form Setting by grouping different settings together
  • New Settings
    • Required Field Marker let's you choose either the Standard icon (normally this little red cirkle with a white arrow to the left), an Asterisks near the field label or nothing.
    • Render as Headline let's you choose a single-line Textbox, Drop Down List or Radio Buttons to be displayed as a headline in the displayed submissions
  • Redirect URL now appears as a DotNetNuke UrlControl that let's you choose from an external web address or a page on your site.

01.03.01 (rel. 2007-11-29)

Fixed a bug
*When having radio buttons in the form and none is selected, the submission fires a critical error (Object&#160;reference not set to an instance of the object) and does not submit.

01.04.00 (rel. 2007-12-14)

New Form Item types:
  • Web Site - consists of a dropdownlist for the protocol (http:// or https://) and a textbox for the address. Must validate against a regular expression, similar to Email address. There is an additional property (Link target) to set.
  • Date - consists of a textbox for the date and a calendar control to pick the date.

New property for all form items
  • Help Text - this is the text displayed as an alternate text for a help icon which is placed left of the label.

Dynamic Default Values for Single-line Textboxes and Email
  • Now you can use placeholders (tags) in the default values of these form items that are automatically set when the user is logged in. For Single-line Textboxes, these are [FULLNAME], [FIRSTNAME], [LASTNAME], [DISPLAYNAME] and [USERNAME], for Email this is [EMAIL].

01.04.01 (rel. 2008-01-09)

  • Fixed a bug that appeared with DNN version 04.08.00.
  • Implemented the IHydratable interface in the info classes.

01.00.04 (rel. 2008-02-13)

  • Implemented the IHydratable interface in the info classes of version 01.00.03 to be used for SQL Server 2000 and DNN 04.07.00 or higher.
This was the very last version that supports SQL Server 2000.

01.04.02 (rel. 2008-04-09)

  • Fixed a bug with normal text mails
  • Tab press moves the cursor to the next field
  • Settings: You may choose now to have a button instead of the link for "Send" and "Back" in the form.

01.04.03 (rel. 2008-05-14)

  • Fixed a bug when entering some special characters (e.g. the ampersand - &) in a single line text box.

01.05.00 (rel. 2008-12-06)

New Settings
  • Sender - allows you to choose a sender for the generated e-mail. This can be the current portal administrator, any portal administrator, the current host, any superuser or the input of a form item by the type of E-Mail Address
  • Subject - allows you to define a subject for the generated e-mail

New Form Item Types
  • File Upload - allows the user to upload a file
  • Send to - allows the user to send the generated e-mail to an address from a drop down list.

Bug fixed
  • E-mails came through empty when a Website form item was used and the target was set to "None". This affected also displaying the submission (anyway: the submission was stored correctly).

02.00.00 (rel. 2009-05-16)

New settings
  • ML Settings:
    • Module Title
    • Subject (well, this is not new, but now it's localizable)
  • Module Appearance
    • Theme
  • Form Appearance
    • Form Header Template
    • Form Item Template
    • Form Footer Template
    • Form Label Template
    • Captcha may be suppressed for authenticated users

New features
  • Flexible design capabilities through the use of Themes and Templates
  • DNN Tokens are supported (eg [User:DisplayName])
  • Dynamic content localization (ML)

02.00.01 (rel. 2009-10-11)

DotNetNuke 4 is no longer supported

Fixed some bugs:
  • Groups and headings in the form submissions were not properly displayed
  • Appended item was not recognized in Form Submission Edit
  • Hide Locale selector when only one locale is available
  • Settings could not be edited due to a breaking change in DNN 5

02.00.02 (rel. 2010-02-02)

Fixed some bugs:
  • Templates did not export HTML-Encoded which caused an error when re-importing them
  • Some mail servers denied receiving e-mails when the mail does not come from the registered MX of the sender's domain and there was no reply-to address set
  • Fixed an error in the upgrade script from version 02.00.00 that fired when the {databaseOwner} is not dbo.
  • Fixed an error in a database trigger that did not delete Settings from the BabelFish table.
  • Fixed an issue with empty submissions when no grouping and/or headline was defined.

New feature:
  • When an error appears sending the e-mail, a log entry will be created (and on some other occasions as well)

02.01.00 (rel. 2010-03-12)

  • Updated the SqlDataProvider to use the "newer" connection string
  • Fixed an issue with the stored procedures for re-ordering form items
  • Fixed an issue with the template items
  • New setting:
    • Email address items can be included in the search results (this was the default behaviour up to now, but changes with this release)
  • Two new features (sponsored by Alex Wainstein
    • Form Item Type "Hidden" to store any value, DNN tokens can be used (e.g. [User:DisplayName])
    • The form item that is rendered as headline can also be used as the subject for the email.

02.01.01 (rel. 2010-03-31)

Fixed some bugs:
  • Typo in the XML structure when exporting the module
  • Mail could not be sent when the subject is set to the form item rendered as headline and PortalID > 0

02.01.02 (rel. 2010-05-07)

Fixed a bug
  • Submissions could not be read from the database under certain (rare) circumstances

02.01.03 (rel. 2010-06-04)

Fixed two bugs
  • File uploads did not attach with the sent mail
  • File uploads could not be clicked on the submission screens (below or above the form, and edit submissions resp.) (Sometimes I wonder why some things did work in earlier versions, but this all is propably due to changes in the DNN core...)

02.02.00 (rel. 2011-06-02)

New Features
  • All submissions may be deleted with one click
  • Submissions can be exported to Excel (xlsx)
  • A Command Button can be choosen for the "Send" and "Back" buttons of the form
  • A validation expression can be added to single-line textboxes, e-mail addresses, and web sites

Bug fixed
  • When changing a textbox to a date field and leaving a default value different than a valid date an error occured that made the whole form unusable
  • Multiple email-addresses can be entered again to the form submission recipient

First release on CodePlex

02.02.01 (rel. 2011-08-06)

New Features
Bug fixed

02.02.02 (rel. 2011-08-14)

Bug fixed

02.02.03 (rel. 2011-09-11)

Issue with DNN6 fixed
Due to a breaking change in the DNN's Label control, it was not possible to add a help text to the form item.

New feature
The explanation for the required image can be set to "Not at all", "Above the form" or "Below the form"

02.02.04 (rel. 2011-09-27)

Issues fixed

02.02.05 (rel. 2011-10-08)

Issues fixed

02.02.06 (rel. 2011-11-01)

Issues fixed

02.03.00 (rel. 2012-02-15)

Issues fixed

New Features

New Settings
  • A reply-to address can be chosen from a dropdown list in the same way as the sender address (Reply-to)

02.03.01 (rel. 2012-02-18)

Issues fixed

02.03.02 (rel. 2012-04-14)

Issues fixed

New features
  • Added required field validator to "Other" textbox when the item itself is required

02.03.03 (rel. 2012-06-10)

Issues fixed
  • Fixed issue with "Send copy" field on DNN 6

02.03.04 (rel. 2012-10-07)

Issues fixed
  • Fixed issue with not-decoded characters in email text submissions (Email text)

02.03.05 (rel. 2012-10-20)

Issues fixed
  • Fixed issue with all users from all portals are listed as Host users in the sender options (E-Mail Options - Sender - ALL Users Listed)
  • Registered postback-button for Excel-Export on Form submission edit control

Changed behaviour
  • Due to some misunderstandings about the Auto-Approve feature, submissions are only included in the search results if
    • the submission is approved and
    • any submission display option (above or below the form) is selected.

02.03.06 (rel. 2012-11-14)

  • .Net 4.0
  • DotNetNuke 05.06.07 or higher, maybe it works with lower versions, but I developed it on this one and tested it on DotNetNuke 06.02.00 as well
  • helferlein_BabelFish version 01.01.04 - please upgrade this first!

Issues fixed

02.03.07 (rel. 2014-02-16)

Issues fixed

02.03.08 (rel. 2014-02-17)

Issues fixed

02.03.09 (rel. 2014-02-26)

Issues fixed

02.03.10 (rel. 2014-09-01)

Issues fixed

Minimum System Requirements

Other changes
  • ISearchable Interface is deactivated as the DNN core search infrastructure has been built on a new system (Lucene). It is planned to include the search functionality in the next major release (helferlein_Form v3.x.x).

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