Q: I receive emails from the module to my Hotmail account, but the submission is not displayed. What can I do?

A: This seems to be an issue with the Hotmail web site - when I realized this, I displayed the mail source, and everythig was there. Maybe it's also some problem with the mail style sheet, it needs further investigation.
What you can do is:

  • Change the submission mode from HTML to text submission in the form settings
  • Change Hotmail to outlook.com - I did not have any problems when I made the change
  • Use a local installed mail client and IMAP to access your Hotmail account

Q: I have set "Show approved submissions" to "Not at all", but still the information submitted is displayed in the search results. How can I avoid this?

A: Most propably you have turned on "Auto approve submissions" or approved the submissions. Turn off the auto-approve feature in the module settings, and un-approve the submissions. Then follow these steps to delete the search index and rebuild it under Host :: Search admin.

Q: The export to Excel is not working. What can I do?

A: Go to Host :: Extensions and click the edit pencil in the line where helferlein_Form is listed. In the Module Controls section, click the edit pencil in the line where the EditSubmissions control appears. Uncheck "Supports partial rendering" and update the control.

This bug should have been fixed in version 02.03.06.


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