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Module throws error: multiple emails + send copy


Hi Michael,
I have found an error when the module is configured with the following settings:
Form Submission: Submission by email, Email addresses; i.e. multiple recipients
Email options: format HTML, Sender Email [F], reply to same as sender
Include a Send Copy item on the form

If the user clicks the 'send copy' box then when the submission button is clicked the user receives a message saying 'submission failed, please try again'. Unfortunately the submission HASN'T failed. Looking at the SMTP logs one sees that the mails have been sent to the two recipients & but NOT the copy to the email entered on the form. There is an entry in the event log saying that the parsing of the SMTP header has failed (copy attached) which is presumably why the user receives a failure message. I say unfortunately as what happens is that the user tries to submit the form multiple times and as this is a booking form for an event that's not a good look. :(
If the send copy is not ticked then the form submits OK and the user gets the thank you page. If the form is configured to only have a single recipient and the 'send copy' is ticked then it also submits and in this case the user receives his email copy (which is how I have set the system to go live, I just have to ask one intended recipient to set a email rule to forward to the other). I am attaching SMTP logs for all three cases.

Form version is 2.3.10 running on DNN 7.3.2.

If this is the same as issue #1902 my apologies although the description there doesn't match my symptoms exactly.


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I get an error when trying to download the attached files. Could you please send them (in one zip file) using the contact page on my site?

Best wishesMichael