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Render Label text


I suggest to add an extra token [LABELTEXT]
I tried to create a simple forum layout with the text above the inputs

I used this template:
<div class="Item"> <div class="Text">[LABEL][REQUIREDIMAGE][PENCIL]</div> <div class="Fields">[FORMITEM][VALIDATOR]</div></div> The problem with the DNN label is that it get's a lot of styling by default and thus the text is lright aligned and looks weird.

I reset it using CSS:
.HelferleinForm .dnnLabel{display:inline !important; float:none; font:inherit; margin:0; padding:0; text-align:left; width:auto; }
.HelferleinForm .dnnLabel .SubHead{color:inherit;}

But it would be nice if the module could also just render the Label text without any extra HTML.

Thus my suggestion [LABELTEXT] :-)

This would also make Bootstrap tempates a lot easier BTW