module not working in dnn 06.02.05

Dec 3, 2012 at 9:24 AM

Hello guys

I've setup the two modules in al local dnn configuration dnn 06.02.03. Everyting works so far. I've not checked that the email server is connected.

In a live site dnn version 06.02.05 I try to setup the two modules helferlein_Form and helferlein_BabelFish. No errors occurs when setting up the modules. But when I try to select a submission option in the Module Settings: (module helferlein_Form) 'send submission by email' and I update the popup form I've got always the error:
The form is not yet set up properly. An administrator can do this by doing the following step(s): Select a submission option in the Module Settings.

It seems that the changes that I do are not written in the database. That means that I can't use this module. Is this a bug?

Is there someone that can check this and give me a solution?

Kind regards

Gilbert Vanden Borre

Dec 4, 2012 at 3:32 PM


please let me some time to reproduce this. I cannot imagine that they changed the way module settings are stored, so maybe it's a bug in the settings control (which was not changed in the last months). On the other hand, you have tested it on DNN 6.2.3, did you use the same version of helferlein_Form and helferlein_BabelFish in the production environment with DNN 6.2.5?

Best wishes

Dec 4, 2012 at 7:17 PM


Thanks for your replay...

It was a mistake of me. Sorry for that. I've seen that I've forgotten to set the email-adres of the admin of the site. That I've done now and no errors occurs when setting up the form module. I've use indeed the same modules on dnn 06.02.03 (local) as in dnn 06.02.05 (live). That problem is solved and that error is gone now... :-)

Now I've checked if the email (the admin email of the website) was working...
I've asked to my provider if the SMTP server settings are set correcly on the server. And that was OK. And the test was also succesfully.

But, wat did I see? The module was not sending mails. Could someone tell me what I could to do?

Kind regards

Gilbert Vanden Borre